Delivery of your device

Once you have placed the order for ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ we will organize for the device to be delivered to your holiday destination.

Delivery options and corresponding instructions;

  • Private residence – If you have rented a private villa or apartment and wish to receive delivery of your device personally then we will schedule delivery via courier for the day specified by you, between the following time slots (Week days – Morning; 9am to 2pm / Afternoon; 4pm to 7pm or Saturdays – Morning only; 9am to 12pm)
    We will require the full address for the property or apartment along with any useful directions or meeting points for the courier driver
    If the courier company comes to your villa or apartment during the scheduled time slot and you are not home, the courier company will keep the device and you will be responsible for collecting it from the couriers closest office
  • Hotel – If you are staying at a Hotel then we can arrange for the device to be delivered the day before your arrival, you must tell us the name that the Hotel has been booked in, the name of the Hotel and their address
  • Holiday or Property Agent – If you have booked your holiday through a local agent, who is willing to receive delivery of the device on your behalf, we will need their full business name and address and we will arrange for the device to be delivered before your arrival
  • Campsite – If you are staying at a Campsite then we can arrange for the device to be delivered before your arrival. We will need the name of the campsite, the address and the name that your booking has been made under

If the device is damaged on arrival or during delivery please alert us immediately by calling us on (0034) 965743473
We will send you a new one, at no additional cost, and will aim to have the replacement device delivered the next day (excluding weekends)

Returning your device

Each device will include a pre-paid addressed box that you can use to return your ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ device. You will need to post the device using a Correos mailbox or office. Alternatively, if an agreement has been made with your holiday or property agent then the device can be returned to them. You are responsible for ensuring the return of the ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ device.

When we have received your returned ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ device you will be notified by email, for your peace of mind.

In case you forget or are unable to return the ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ device or have taken it home with you, you are responsible for sending the device safely and securely back to us, at your expense. You will also be required to pay for the additional weeks of service during this time.

Deposit and additional fees

A deposit of 100€ will be taken at the time of purchase, this will be immediately refunded when the ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ device has been returned and confirmed to be in good working order.

We reserve the right to charge a fee or penalty for any of the following situations;

  1. The device is returned late, then we will charge 15,00€ per day
  2. The device is damaged and/or deemed unusable, this includes water/sand damage
  3. The consumption limit has been exceeded, then we will charge 15,00€ + IVA per extra 10Gb used

Service and usage of your device

Our ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ devices use a 3G/4G SIM card supplied by Spain’s largest operator. You will have the best coverage in both inner and outer city areas across Spain.

We strongly recommend that you disconnect the ‘roaming’ options on your devices (mobiles, tablets etc) during your use of the device, as ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ will connect to your various devices using wifi and therefore turning off your ‘roaming’ options will avoid any surprise bills from your local operator back home.

Your ‘MyHolidayWiFi’ device includes a charger and we recommend that you charge the device overnight, as you would with your mobile or tablet.
The device has a long battery life, but to avoid being caught out we would recommend that you turn it off when it is not in use. The device will restart immediately and allow instant internet browsing.
Extension of service

We welcome you to extend your use of the service if you have decided to prolong your stay. You will be sent an automatic reminder by email two days before the end of your rented period and this email will contain a direct link back to the ‘My Holiday Wifi’ website and will allow you to extend your use of the device

Please read our full terms and conditions for further information.